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Factbank for competitors

Transportation | Visa | Entry forms for relays | Confirmation of Participation | Doping - Control | Medical Care | TIC | Ceremonies

Technical manual

Easy to arrive

  • 5 daily flights from Helsinki-Vantaa international airport to Jyväskylä
  • Tampere international airport 2 hours away
  • 18 daily train connections from Helsinki, Tampere and Turku
  • Superior-standard ferries from Germany, Sweden and Estonia to Helsinki or Turku

Suomen kartta

Suomen kartta



Distance (km)

By flight (time)

By car (time)

By train (time)

By bus (time)



45 min

3 h

3 - 3h 30 min

3 h 40 min - 5h 25 min *



via Helsinki

2 h

1 h 30 min

2 h 10 min - 3 h 25 min



via Helsinki

3 h 45 min

3 h 30 min

4 h 30 min - 6 h 30 min

* Direct connections to Jyväskylä also from Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Here you can find some travel information from Helsinki to Jyväskylä. (PDF)

Transportation from Helsinki to Jyväskylä: Preliminary schedule

Get to Know Your Host City

Information package of Jyväskylä


Flight passengers

Ferry passengers

Bus passengers

Train passengers

Local transportation to venues

You can use local buses for free of charge with your WMA-pass during the whole competition. Additionally a shuttle bus service between the venues and the hotels will be provided for all participants. The shuttle bus starts from Spa Hotel Peurunka driving to all the venues, passing all hotels located downtown on the way. The bus also passes Harju Stadium and the harbour on those days when there are scheduled events at those venues. Transportation between Tikkakoski airport and Jyväskylä city centre will also be organized.


Finland applies the Schengen Convention to visas. Those who do not need a visa when coming to Finland include citizens of European Union (EU) member states, citizens of the Nordic countries and citizens of countries on the list of visa-free states, providing they possess other valid travel documents. If the main travel destination in the Schengen area is Finland, the visa is applied for at a Finnish diplomatic mission abroad.

Doping - Control

The LOC will conduct doping tests which will take place under IAAF / WADA / WMA rules. Athletes using medication or taking medication which could include banned substances as for doping testing under the IAAF rules must obtain an IAAF Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) certificate application form from IAAF / WMA website or National Governing Body (NGB).

For athletes who have obtained a certificate through their own NGB the details must be forwarded the complete application form to Dr. Pier Luigi Fiorella (ITA) BEFORE MARCH 3rd 2012. Dr Pier Luigi Fiorella is appointed to handle these applications on behalf of WMA.

  • Dr. Pier Luigi Fiorella
  • Via Orlandi 3
  • 40068 San Lazzaro (Bologna)
  • Italy
  • Mobile: + 39 33553006998, Fax: +39 051452187
  • E-mail: pierluigi.fiorella(at)

More important information about this at WMA website (www.

Medical Care – Physiotherapy

First Aid is available at Hippos Hall, Harju Stadium and along the routes of half marathon and walk races. Medical and physical therapy services will be provided by LIKES Mehiläinen Urheiluklinikka during the competitions.

Technical Information Centre (TIC)

After their arrival at Jyväskylä, all participants are requested to report to TIC where they will be able to receive their competition documents and any other relevant information. A government issued document containing a picture, or a passport will be required for picking up registration packs /information.

The TIC is located at the Hippos Hall and will be open as follows:

April 1st between 2.00 pm – 9.00 pm

April 2nd – April 8th, daily between 8.00 am – 9.00 pm.

Entry forms for relays

Each affiliate can have only one relay team in each age group. An older athlete can participate in a younger age group in order to make a full team. An athlete will be allowed to take part in only one age groups’ relay team during the world championships. The team shall enter by submitting a team relay entry form at the TIC. The form has to be handed over by the designated team manager at the TIC by April 7th at 9.00 pm at the latest.

Chip Information

See instructions how to use Chip (PDF)

See video how to use Chip (youtube)

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony is held at Hoviraitti, Sokos Hotel Jyväshovi. The opening ceremony takes place on Monday, April 2nd starting from 7.30 pm. The ceremony starts with an opening parade from the pedestrian street to Hoviraitti. Every team can have one flag bearer and up to five athletes at the parade. Meeting point for the opening parade is at Kompassi, the centre point of the pedestrian street, in the junction between Kauppakatu and Asemakatu at 7.15 pm.

Athlete's Party

The Athletes' Party takes place in Jyväshovi on Thursday, 5th of April at 7.00 pm. Ticket price for Athletes' Party is €35,00.

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony takes place at Hippos Hall on Sunday, 8th of April, immediately following the completion of the final competition. During this ceremony the WMA flag will be handed over to the next WMA host, Budapest Hungary. Athletes and other audience can enjoy the ceremony in the stands.

Tips on Environmental Matters

Read the tips from here

Confirmation of Participation

All athletes must confirm their participation in each event they have planned to participate. Athletes are allowed to take part in those events only that they have originally entered for. Post-registration will not be accepted. The confirmation of participation will be done with the Rfid -confirmation card at the TIC. The confirmation of participation in events in the morning (start time before 10.30 am) has to be done the day before by 9.00 pm at the latest. For events that start later than 10.30 am the confirmation has to be done 2,5 hours before the scheduled start time at the latest.

All athletes receive a receipt as proof of the confirmation. The receipt has to be kept safe in order to be able to indicate that the confirmation has been done.

If an athlete has some special needs concerning the confirmation of participation, he/she needs to discuss them with the TIC personnel. If athletes decide not to participate in a particular event after they have confirmed their participation, the cancellation must be done at the TIC. If the athlete does not have the time to cancel the participation at the TIC, he/she has to do it in the Call Room. If the cancellation is not done according to the rules, the athlete may not take part in any other events during the competition.

Confirmation of participation in a specific event has to be done only once, before the first round of each event and for pentathlon before the start of the first event. A second confirmation of participation for quarter finals, semi-finals or finals is not necessary. If the competitor has a legitimate reason for not taking part in the semi-finals or finals in running events, he/she is obligated to notify TIC about it within 30 minutes after he/she has been qualified for subsequent rounds. If the athlete is prevented to make the notification after being qualified for subsequent rounds, the notification can be done at the TIC or in case of finals in the Call Room at the latest. If an athlete fails to confirm their participation according to the rules, the athlete will be disqualified from all other events as well.

Also for Non-Stadia events, including half marathon, race walk, cross country run and throwing events, athletes have to confirm their participation with the Rfid -confirmation card at the TIC.

Awards and Victory Ceremonies

All awards will be presented according to a separate schedule in the award ceremony tent in front of the Hippos Hall. Athletes must wear their official team uniform for the award ceremony and they have to be at the award ceremony area 10 minutes prior to their own event award-giving starts. If the competitor is not attending the award ceremony, he/she can collect the medal at the TIC after the award ceremony. Awards will not be presented prior to the scheduled award ceremony.

A professional photographer will be taking pictures at the ceremony and those pic-tures will be available for purchase at the TIC. All medallists receive their diploma at the award ceremony. Athletes finishing in other positions can buy their diplomas at the TIC. Medal engraving service is available at the TIC. Costs for the engraving depends on the amount of engraving needed.

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